Custom Designed Meditation Jewelry

The power of meditation jewelry is as ancient as spirituality itself.

Wearing a talisman, yantra or mala allows you to keep the cumulative energy of your practice next to your heart at all times.
There is nothing more meaningful than a personalized jewelry piece designed exactly how you envisioned it. 

At Condesa Jewelry Expertise, We create these spiritual tools for all representations & traditions:
including Talismans, Yantras, Malas, Navenkendras, Murthis & other Meditation devices

Our GIA gemologist David Ciralsky can source whatever precious gemstones you require.
Your design can be elaborated in gold of all colors & karats, platinum, palladium, silver & mixed materials.

Take a journey through the exciting process, from conception to creation. If you can dream it, We can make it!

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“What I love the most about making meditation jewelry,

Is the deep connection that the piece will have with the customer.

I am always honored to participate in the creation of a piece that will raise spiritual awareness.” 

David Ciralsky

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