This May 24th 2019 is Queen Victoria’s birthday. This years birthday marks 200 years since Queen Victoria of England was born – May 24 1819. Victoria became Queen of England in the early hours of June 20th 1837, at the tender age of 18 after William IV died.

At the age of 21,Victoria married her 1st cousin Prince Albert on February 10th 1840. Victoria was besotted with Albert, stating after the wedding “His beauty, his sweetness & gentleness—really how can I ever be thankful enough to have such a Husband!” 

During their 21 years of marriage before Albert’s death in 1861 (due to typhoid fever), Albert designed and commissioned numerous gifts of jewelry for his wife. Victoria believed that jewelry was charged with emotion and association, she appreciated the sentimental value of the jewelry pieces rather than its monetary value.

Queen Victoria had many favorite jewelry pieces, but her two most favorite pieces were the sapphire and diamond diadem and brooch. The sapphire and diamond diadem was designed to be worn in numerous ways. Albert gave Victoria the sapphire and diamond brooch before their wedding day.

After Prince Albert’s death in 1861, Queen Victoria stated“Without him, life is utter darkness”, his death sent Victoria into a deep depression, and she stayed in seclusion for many years, rarely appearing in public. She never got over his death and mourned him by wearing black for the remainder of her life. 

In 1870, she decided to commission a new, petite diamond encrusted crown. She didn’t like the imperial state crown, as it was too heavy for her and she wanted a crown small enough to allow her to wear it over her widow’s cap. The crown was an openwork silver frame set with 1,187 diamonds. [Side note] Interestingly the imperial state crown features the famous Black Prince’s Ruby, weighing 34 grams (170 carats), this gemstone is in fact a cabochon red spinel!

After her death on January 22 1901, at the age of 81 from a hemorrhagic stroke, King George VI added her custom made crown to the regalia at the Tower of London, where it remains on show today.

Queen Victoria’s jewelry collection is truly a sight to be seen. The intricacy of the craftsmanship and the stunning gemstones used, make these pieces outstanding. Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies plays a big part in royal jewelry due to their stunning color and durability. 

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