The Stone of Heaven – Jade

Jade has been revered as the “Stone of Heaven” for millennia. From China in the East to Mexico in the West, Jade has been intertwined with the histories of diverse cultures across the globe. It is soft enough to carve while tough enough to be struck with a hammer undamaged, Jade is truly a remarkable gemstone.

It is interesting to note that Jade is in fact a collective name for two distinct minerals, Jadeite and Nephrite. Although they are different in terms of chemical composition, they are close enough in overall properties so that gemologists lump them together under the banner of Jade.

While most commonly associated with the color green, Jade is found in a wide variety of colors, nonetheless, its most coveted color is the intense green color known as “Imperial Jade”. While jade is seen as a symbol of prosperity, purity, tranquility, wisdom, healing & protection – each jade color carries a slightly different jade meaning and power:

Black – Protection by warding off negative energies – physical & psychological
Blue – Used for reflection, inner peace and calm – encourages dreams
Brown – Strengthen a connection with the earth – staying well-grounded
Lavender – Heals emotional pain while nourishing spirituality – spiritual support
Orange – Joy through connections with living beings – quiet stimulation of the mind
Purple – Eliminates negativity & supports higher level of discernment – focused on aura
Red – Reduces fears & encourages action – strengthens your life force
White – Reduces distractions, allows you to better focus – improve decision making
Yellow – Enhances assimilation & discrimination – cheerful & energetic way of being

Jade face rollers are the trendy skincare tool throughout the beauty world of late, however, this method of skincare has been around for quite a long time. Jade rolling is thought to work by aiding the lymphatic drainage. They are said to sculpt, tone and firm skin, boost circulation, enhance glowing, improve elasticity and minimize fine lines. The benefits are produced by the face rollers massaging effects, rather than the composition of the stones themselves.

Jade is mined in a wide range of places, China, Myanmar, Guatemala, Siberia and most prolifically in British Columbia, Canada. The mines of BC are now responsible for producing much of the world’s finest nephrite.

Wearing Jade jewelry is seen to keep the person from harm, bring harmony, boost their confidence and balance them. Jade is known as a lucky stone for love, health and wealth. Overall, this is one powerful gemstone to introduce into your life!

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