Costume jewelry and fashion jewelry can be very meaningful for the wearer even though the metal and stones are not valuable. In fact many fabulous art deco and nouveau designs were produced as costume jewelry.

Surprisingly, costume jewelry can often be more complicated to repair than traditional fine jewelry. It requires the kind of attention to detail and precision equipment that we use each day at Condesa Jewelry Expertise.

“Some of my favorite vintage designs are actually costume jewelry, I get great satisfaction restoring them.” David Ciralsky

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Condesa Jewelry Expertise is a full-service destination for all your jewelry repair needs. Restoring the functionality to your treasured jewelry pieces.

Providing Jewelry Restoration & Renovation, Jewelry Refurbishing & Refinishing and Fine Jewelry Repair services.

With over 25 years of experience, you can be confident that your jewelry pieces are in safe hands at Condesa Jewelry Expertise.

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We repair and restore bronze, brass, base metal and plated costume jewelry and fashion jewelry.

Variety of repairs available for posts, clips, clasps, toggles, loops, foil-back and marcasite replacements.

Precious and non-precious stone replacement for vintage and modern pieces.

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