Pearl Jewelry Repair

With such a wide variety of sizes, shapes & colors, pearls hold a strong space in the design world, both modern & ancient. Since pearls are generally strung on natural silk cord, it is not uncommon for that cord to break over time. Restringing needs to be done using a precision knotting technique.

When integrated into rings or earrings, pearls can fall off & require precision replacement. At Condesa Jewelry Expertise, we restore, remount & restring all types of pearl strands & pearl jewelry.

We specialize in silk cord-knotted restringing of pearl strands, this knotting technique helps to preserve the outer layer of the pearls by separating them from rubbing against one another, it is also a security measure so that the pearls don’t all fall off together after a break.

Pearl restringing is not the only repair when it comes to pearl jewelry, clasp repair & replacement is often necessary, as clasps get worn down over time. Also, pearl remounting & replacements are common repairs when securing your pearls or replacing them completely.

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“Nothing states classic elegance like a string of pearls.
When it comes to pearl repairs at Condesa, the world is your oyster.

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