Moonstone is a popular phenomenal variety of Feldspar. Like Garnets, Feldspar refers to a large family of stones some of which present attractive phenomena such as Labradorite, Sunstone and of course, Moonstone. The billowing blue cloud that shows in Moonstone is known as adularescence (caused by light scattering between microscopic layers, adularescence will allow you to see light rolling across the gemstone as you change viewing angles) a word derived from Mt. Adular, a spot in Switzerland that was one of the first known sources of this gem.

Aside from the well-known white variety, moonstones also can be found in grey and peach color and can also present asterism or chatoyancy. Sometimes, sellers will try to deceive people with Opalite – a man-made glass that is made to look like Opal and Moonstone, this is a simulated stone that is not a natural gemstone – sometimes called Opalite Moonstone, Sea Quartz, or Opalite Quartz.

Moonstone was a very popular choice for designers of the Art Nouveau period.  It later came back into popularity in the 1960´s due to its ethereal look which also led to its widespread use in New Age jewelry during the 1990´s. In many areas of the world, Moonstone is believed to bring good fortune to its wearer.

Moonstone has many benefits for the wearer – it is believed to alleviate fears associated with change, enhances intuition, improves confidence, balances emotions and promotes a calm mood. It can also help with lucid dreaming and can bring about calm sleep, when placed under your pillow.

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