In addition to the sentimental meaning and value jewelry has for us, there is an objective monetary value. Figuring out that value requires experience, knowledge of the markets and a precise identification of the metals and gemstones that comprise the jewelry piece.

At Condesa Jewelry Expertise, we have the technology to precisely identify and quantify metallic content of jewelry items using x-ray florescence. In addition, David is a GIA graduate gemologist who can definitively identify the gemstones of that jewelry.

“Gem identification is fascinating; each stone is a mystery to be solved.” David Ciralsky

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Condesa Jewelry Expertise is a full-service destination for all your specialist jewelry needs.

Restoring vintage jewelry, Replacing lost jewelry, 3D modelling, Precious gemstone sourcing, Jewelry analysis and appraisals.

With over 25 years of experience in the jewelry industry, you can be confident that you are in safe hands at Condesa Jewelry Expertise.

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At Condesa Jewelry Expertise, we provide full-service metal analysis and gemstone identification.

We provide jewelry and gemstone appraisals, you will receive 2 full report appraisal certificate for insurance purposes.

Gold nugget analysis also available in-store.

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