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Losing an earring or noticing a stone is missing from your favorite ring can be quite distressing. While it may seem irreplaceable, that is not the case.

At Condesa Jewelry Expertise, we specialize in creating near identical replacements for missing earrings, sourcing & setting broken or missing gemstones.
We can also recreate lost jewelry based on verbal descriptions or photographs of the missing piece.

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Condesa Jewelry Expertise

We can create a replacement for all styles of jewelry & all types of precious metals & precious gemstones. We will strive to reconstruct your treasured pieces just as they were.

For us, recreating a missing beloved jewelry piece is a rewarding experience, we know how important these items can be, especially something of sentimental value, such as a family heirloom. 

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“When you lose a piece of jewelry or parts of a matching jewelry set, it can seem like all is lost.
Don’t worry! we can recreate that for you!”

David Ciralsky

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Vintage Jewelry Restoration

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3D Modelling & Printing

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Eyeglass Repair

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