Vintage Jewelry Restoration

Restoring vintage jewelry is particularly challenging. It requires vast knowledge of antique jewelry styles & of the techniques originally used when the piece was created. At Condesa Jewelry Expertise, we have the unique combination of skills & specialized equipment to expertly restore & renovate your precious vintage jewelry pieces.

We can repair & restore all precious metals & other metals such as bronze, brass, base metal & plated. Replacement of precious gemstones, foil-backs, rhinestones is no problem.

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Condesa Jewelry Expertise

At Condesa Jewelry Expertise, we specialize in the restoration of vintage costume & fashion jewelry.

Items such as brooches, hair-pieces, hat pins, cameo’s, multi-strand beaded necklaces & enameled items.

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“Revive your treasured vintage jewelry pieces.
The true beauty of jewelry resides in its timelessness.

David Ciralsky

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Jewelry Analysis & Appraisals

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In addition to the sentimental meaning and value jewelry has for us, there is an objective monetary value. Figuring out that value requires experience, knowledge of the markets and a…
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Eyeglass Repair

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Replacement Jewelry

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Losing an earring from a set or noticing a stone is missing from your favorite ring can be quite distressing. While it may seem irreplaceable, that is not the case.…