Every piece of jewelry tells a story, this well-worn signet ring had a story of its own to tell!

This heirloom ring had passed down through two generations. Originally, it belonged to the client’s husbands’ grandfather. His grandfather’s wish before he passed away, was that the ring be given to her husband on his wedding day. The rings background made this renovation project an extra special one! The client was interested in renovating her husband’s ring and incorporating an engraved crest design that they both created using their heritage as an inspiration. 

The client provided us with a detailed sketch of the design they envisioned. The design comprised of an axe, a feather and a cross – each component with its own symbolic meaning: The axe is called a Chupaga and is used by Gorale – an ethnic group in Southern Poland. The feather represents the clients family’s (father’s) lineage. The cross symbolizes both their faith and their spirituality.

While discussing the engraving options available, the client asked if it would be possible to create a fully functional wax seal ring incorporating the proposed design. We discussed this option in depth and settled on a gold plaque with the design etched-out– with details deep enough for use as a stamp – that would be attached to the original signet ring.

The idea was to trace the clients sketch into CAD, add borders and then extrude the drawing in 3D to create a small plaque. We made sure that the borders of the plaque matched the original octagonal shape of the ring top perfectly. Once we were happy with the 3D rendering, we went ahead, and 3D printed the plaque. The wax came out flawless with clear precise details. We showed this to the client, went through what the next stages were and made sure she was happy with the creation process so far.

The next stage was the metal casting of the plaque. We casted the 3D printed wax in 14k yellow gold. After casting, we cleaned the piece up and prepared it for soldering to the top of the ring. Once the plaque was securely soldered in place and all the edges matched up, we laser welded the 8 edges in order to blend the plaque into the ring seamlessly.

The final stages of the process were the filing, polishing and buffing of the finished piece – the ring looked even better than the client could have ever imagined! A truly creative and wonderful project!

If this project inspires you or sparks your interest in creating a custom piece for yourself or someone you love – Get in Contact with us, we love working on meaningful projects like this. Visit our Custom Jewelry Gallery for more inspiration. Why not create something magical – Be Unique With Condesa!

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