About Us

Experts in Jewelry and Service

We are a Vancouver based company that caters worldwide.
We thrive on the premise that Jewelry is Art With a Function.

Who We Are

At Condesa we wanted to put our wealth of knowledge and experience, at your service.

In Condesa our jewelers have one goal: To make your vision happen, to transform your precious idea into a stunning reality. We love witnessing emotions turn into brilliance, colour and design. We stand in awe of beauty.

We take pride in being fully equipped and capable of servicing top-level clientele. Our workshop/store is a place where one on one connection sparks creativity, prompts trust and promotes the expression of the self. Without fail, the creations that result from this experience satisfy the need and very often exceed expectations.

The Condesa Team
Image of David Ciralsky

David Ciralsky

David has been designing, repairing, and manufacturing jewelry for nearly 30 years, working with, and learning from some of the world’s best jewelers and metalsmiths. He started delving in the trade in Mexico City in the early 1990´s making large silver electroformed jewelry. Over the years he took in the art of casting and fabricating in a wide variety of precious metals. Always searching for precision and excellence, he was at the forefront of digital integration back in the early 2000’s – a pioneer in the use of robotics, lasers, CAD and 3D printing. In addition to metal work, he loves gemstones and holds a G.G. degree from the prestigious GIA.

David has lived in various parts of the world and is comfortable chatting in several languages including English, Hebrew, and Spanish.

Opening the doors in Vancouver in 2017, David brings his jewelry knowledge and talent to you at Condesa Jewelry Expertise on Main St.

Sadaf Aghabeygi

Sadaf Aghabeygi has been in love with jewelry from childhood and active in it since 2015. Born in Iran, she studied Industrial Engineering at university, but seeking to refine her skills towards her passion, completed a Jewellery making diploma in Tehran.

Upon arriving in Vancouver, she continued her education in Jewellery Art & Design at the VCC where she was awarded for outstanding achievement in Gemmology and graduated with honours.

She expresses:
“I started working in Condesa as a jeweler in 2019, and I am grateful for being a part of this amazing team. I do the finishing of custom pieces and all kinds of repairs and renovations under the supervision of David, which is the greatest honor of my career”.

Sadaf's picture
Image of Monyca Bouras

Monyca Bouras

Monyca is the team’s support system. A Mexican born mother of 2, Monyca married David and moved to Vancouver following a grandson and a dream: freedom of fear.

Together they have walked the walk of migration and have restarted life at an unlikely age. She in charge of perpetuating the style in the store and coherence in the flow. She is devoted to Beauty, Life and Delight.

“I never thought much of jewelry until I met David. He has shown me a world of melting and transforming, of brilliance and colour, of vibration and history, endless possibilities of manifestation: Beauty, Emotion and Grace made tangible.

Kevin McAllister

Kevin has been a designer for over 25 years, working extensively in theatre and exhibit design before starting his study of the art of jewelry in 2014. He is a graduate in Design & Technical Theatre at the University of British Columbia and Jewellery Art & Design at Vancouver Community College. 

Whether he’s making a handmade theatre model or finishing a fine piece of jewelry, he is able to balance precision with creativity. He brings an eye for detail and a spirit of curiosity to all of his work.  

“Every day at Condesa is an opportunity - to learn from David and the team and to learn the intricacies of each piece of jewelry we create or reimagine.”

Kevin McAllister

We are like an old-time teacher, eager to put our knowledge to the test and at your service. Don’t hesitate to reach out…