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“What I love the most about jewelry is how it makes the wearer feel, whether it’s a family heirloom restored to its original glory or it’s a
custom designed ring created from scratch.”

“Each customer has their own story to tell and new memories to make.”

David Ciralsky

Condesa Jewelry Expertise
Crafting jewelry masterpieces that resonate with who you really are

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Moonstone Duo 7 1 - Custom Jewelry -

Wedding Rings

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Nothing symbolizes marriage and love like a wedding ring. The band of gold or platinum will be a constant reminder of your commitment to love. Make your wedding rings as…
Custom Necklace Pendants 4 - Custom Jewelry -

Necklace & Pendants

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The symbols we wear next to our hearts tell the story of who we are. Pendants and necklaces empower and embellish today as they have since antiquity. Take a journey through…
Custom Earrings 2 - Custom Jewelry -

Earrings & Rings

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Earrings and rings complete your look, embellish and empower. Making a custom pair of earrings or a ring brings both meaning and creativity to the things that decorate our lives.…