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“What I love the most about jewelry is how it makes the wearer feel, whether it’s a family heirloom restored to its original glory or it’s a
custom designed ring created from scratch.”

“Each customer has their own story to tell and new memories to make.”

David Ciralsky

Condesa Jewelry Expertise
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Gold Au 5 - Custom Jewelry -

Precious Metal Choices for Engagement Rings

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When it comes to precious metals - most people think of silver & yellow gold, but did you know there are many colors of gold & lots of other precious…
All Prong Settings Copy - Custom Jewelry -

Gemstone Settings

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Gemstone setting is the art of securely setting or attaching gemstones into jewelry. There are many variations of setting styles, here are the most popular fundamental types of gemstone settings…
Custom Meditation 2 - Custom Jewelry -

Meditation Jewelry

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The power of meditation jewelry is as ancient as spirituality itself. Wearing a talisman, yantra or mala allows you to keep the cumulative energy of your practice next to your heart…