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Creating a Bridge Between Idea & Creation

Whether you have a vague notion or a very detailed idea of the piece of jewelry you want, together we can refine the elements of design, metal and gemstones. Create a stunning and unique custom piece with guidance from our experts.

Create Your Own

Bring your own brilliant ideas to the table and let's work together on your masterpiece.

Our Process

Bridal & Commitment

Let’s create together that personal, unique look that says “I love you” for that special day.

Our Process


Repurpose for emotional reasons or salvage the material for something exquisitely new.

Our Process


Explore the stories that make us unique and one of Vancouver's premier jewelers.

Medallion of Roxy the dog

Roxy the dog

Sunny called up distraught and with a very specific request.

His beloved dog Roxy had passed away and he wanted a precise representation of her face on a gold pendant. Not a mere engraved likeness but rather a partial relief sculped bust.

Several jewelers in his community had told him this was not possible. Without knowing exactly how we would do this, I said yes. He provided us with dozens of photos from which we were able to create a 3d model of his pet that was so close it left him speechless.

Hummingbird Engagement ring

Hummingbird Engagement ring

Steven explained that he wanted an engagement ring that would express meaning with hummingbirds.

Adding fine blue sapphire accent stones into white gold gave the center diamond a refined and ethereal presence. The meaning of the ring and its message were very well received.

Anniversary Bangles

Anniversary Bangles

Janet wanted something special for her 30th anniversary.

She couldn’t find anything off the shelf, so she approached us with her specific request. She wanted four large gold bangles with birthstones to represent each of her children and one twisted gold bangle with a diamond to represent her husband and herself.

We hand fabricated the set, taking into account the size and weight she wanted so that the jingle sound they made was the right tone.

Wind Demon

Wind Demon

Tim is an avid motorcycle enthusiast with a heart of gold.

He wanted to express both of those elements with a wind demon ring in gold and gemstones. Taking the cue from old map representations of wind, we came up with something bold, yet refined and expertly crafted to withstand the vibrations of the open road.

A different set of wedding rings

A different set of wedding rings

Not all wedding rings are simple round gold bands.

Many couples want the rings to contain special meaningful elements. Oscar and Alicia are this kind of couple. She wanted white gold and moonstone to represent the ethereal; he wanted jet black silver with a hidden ruby to represent the earthly presence of divine energy.

Our Process

We want to make the design process easy, interesting, and engaging for you. After all, it’s YOUR creation. We’re just lucky that we get to walk this journey with you.

Step 1: TALK

Tell us your vision. We're here to listen and make it happen.

Step 2: DRAW

Let's visualize your idea and sketch it out in detail.

Step 3: LOVE

Not completely satisfied? We'll modify it until you are.

Step 4: MAKE

With the details finalized, we then make your project a brilliant reality.


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