Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Should Be Worn

Fine jewelry can totally be returned to its original brilliance and functionality.
That is a fact. At Condesa we have the means and the skills to do this.

We are professionals in handling, recuperating, and perfecting. Your jewels are in the best hands.


Allow the hands of our professional staff to handle, repair, polish and make your precious item perfect.

Ring Fitting

Ring Fitting

We are never really the same, we change and adapt. Precise and tailored resizing is paramount for your comfort.

Chain repair

Chain repair

We are good and fast. We will see to it that your chain is pretty and useful again.

Gemstone replacement

Gemstone replacement

Leave it to David to find the stone you need and put it nicely in place. Wear it again as good as new.


Explore the stories that make us unique and one of Vancouver's premier jewelers.


Broken Silver Menorah

David brought in a large silver menorah which had the base broken off. He mentioned that he had taken it to several jewelers in Hong Kong as well as Canada but that nobody would even attempt to fix it. Calling on our experience of manufacturing large silver tabletop goods and Judaica items, we were able to restore the heirloom without leaving a mark.

Alex's Gold Watch

Alex's Gold Watch

Alex has quite a collection of watches. One day he brought in a particularly rare timepiece made from a special alloy of 18k white gold. The face of the watch had three visible nicks right next to the crystal. After careful analysis of the alloy, we were able to laser weld the damaged areas, leaving no trace.

Joy's 19th century brooch

Joy's 19th Century Brooch

Joy brought in a late 19th century brooch. Some of the flower petal elements and a pearl were missing. Since she wanted to pass it on to a niece, it was important that it be restored and then converted to function as a pendant. We were able to meticulously recreate the missing petals, replace the pearl and use the pin to create the hanging mechanism so it could be used as a pendant.

Pendant repair

Out of the box restoration

Doug came in with a broken labradorite pendant. The stone itself was broken in two. Though, not a valuable gemstone, he explained that his wife loved the piece and he wanted to repair it for her birthday. After many consideration, we decided to recreate the top of the stone in silver while adding in a nature motif to make it even more beautiful.


Let's Start The Process

Restoring vintage jewelry is particularly challenging, requiring vast knowledge of antique jewelry styles and original techniques. At Condesa, we treat your piece with precision and care. We have the unique combination of skills and specialized equipment to expertly restore and renovate your precious vintage jewelry pieces. Contact us and let us know how we can help!