/ˈvin(t)ij/ A wine of high quality, prime, best choice, select. Though related to wine in origin, the word VINTAGE has gravitated to the meaning of “good old”, of heirloom, and encompasses characteristics of dignity, legacy, and craftsmanship; the kind of value that is only acquired through time.

David has a sweet spot for the art of old, and for him, time has also made the difference. In his travels and due to his relentless desire to learn, he has developed a fascination and the skills to treat Jewelry as very fine art. It is a pleasure for him to restore beauty.

Special Items

At Condesa we understand precious items are linked to emotions and experiences. David has been deeply immersed in the world of Chi Kung, Yoga, Judaism, Shamanism and Meditation, for the last 4 decades. Always interested in the works of the mind and spirit, human evolution, and integral development with the cosmos.

Therefore, your Murti, your Mala, your Yantra, Naven Kendra, precious items of Judaica or any item of spiritual item with management of energy is in the best hands. In all cases he is closely supervising and many times even working on it himself to make sure nothing disturbs the charge it holds.

He knows and has the capacity to handle the physical object with full respect and care for the spiritual energy in it.

Egyptian Scarab Pendant
Egyptian Scarab Pendant

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