To honor the summer solstice here is an appropriate gemstone. Heliodor (Greek for gift of the sun) is the yellow or golden variety of Beryl, the gemstone family that also includes Emerald and Aquamarine. In its saturated yellow and untreated state, this rare gemstone usually appears as a center stone in fine jewelry adding warmth and uniqueness to the piece. A clear and flawless Heliodor will exude brilliance and sparkle like the sun.

Heliodor is colored by ferric iron within the mineral’s crystal structure. Its streak is white. Beryl’s cleavage is very imperfect but there is frequently a parting parallel to the base. Heliodor has always been linked with the Sun. Gem-quality specimens are occasionally found, but more usually inclusions of fine, slender tubes are present which are visible to the naked eye.

The best-quality stones are found in the Urals (Russia). Brazilian Heliodor is often a pale yellow and is step-cut to give depth of color. Heliodor from Madagascar is a finer color. Other localities include the Ukraine, Namibia, and the USA.

Also called as the “Stone of the God” and “The Gateway to Light,” the warm yellow hues of the Heliodor stone have been said to enhance the wearer’s intuition and compassion. It is believed to bestow the wearer with knowledge, grace and divine wisdom. It also has strong protection powers and protects against the evil eye and jealousy.

It is believed that if Heliodor gemstone is placed where one resides, it automatically cleanses its environment and fills it with unimaginable positive energy, providing optimism as well as stability to ones living space. 

The iron contained in Heliodor can be altered by heat treatment. Light heating will sometimes improve the yellow color of a stone. In some stones, further heating will transform yellow Heliodor into a greenish blue to blue material. If the color is appropriate, this material will be sold as heat-treated Aquamarine. The color of some yellow Heliodor can also be improved by irradiation. Irradiated Heliodor is common in the marketplace.

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